Company Overview

Founded in June 2000, GRI is a privately-held US corporation. The company has evolved over the last 9 years to a global organization which employs more than 1600 employees at four (4) primary campuses.

GRI is committed to continually expanding its global presence and capabilities. The company has developed a successful model for managing a geographically diverse organization and is in the process of assessing additional locations that will insure its ability to remain a competitive supplier.

GRI operates with the fundamental belief that its future prosperity is directly linked to the long-term prosperity of its partners. With this long-term view in mind, GRI maintains a flexible approach to how it does business.

GRI maintains an entrepreneurial view and is willing to make appropriate investments in conjunction with our clients to develop new businesses and products. This investment can take many forms; engineering services; product and/or market expertise; manufacturing capabilities or financial.